Why did I choose the name Rose Doula Services?

It is a hard thing deciding to be self employed and to leave the security of a nursing job behind. It is a leap of faith to pursue a dream and a passion and to start something new. With all the questions and the pressures and the excitement this brings, there are also the simple things — like what to name your business?! I thought about just using my name for my business name but I forget that when I introduce myself that people don’t automatically know how to spell my name (no one ever spells it ‘Kristal’ without guidance!). And if you picture what a ‘crystal’ is, it is hard, rigid, and solid, not at all the visual experience that I would want people to have when imagining me or a doula. So I decided that that wasn’t right for me.

I started to think of what image I wanted people to have for me and my role as a doula and for the journey that they may be embarking on through pregnancy and birth. I also thought about my inspiration for becoming a doula. I was a nurse working with families postnatally and felt like I was close to what made me happy and passionate but not quite there yet. Going through my own pregnancy and birth and having an opportunity to learn a lot helped to push me in the doula direction. Finally, being able to be there as a support for my sister during her own labour and birth experience was the final push I needed. Living in the UK and my family being in Canada, I missed being there for my nephew’s births, so it was that much more special to be there to see my niece be born. I was so honoured to be a part of my sister’s experience. I was honoured, and more than a little speechless, to learn that  my niece would share my middle name — Rose. So in the end, I did decide to give my business my name, just not my first name. I gave it a name that was not just mine, but one shared with a little girl that helped me find my way in life.

Photo of a little Rose

Oh and yes the image of the name — it is a bit touchy-feely — a rose grows and blossoms and opens, just like a mother-to-be does, but that makes for a much better visual!