As a recognised birth doula, I provide support for new and expectant mothers in South Oxfordshire. This includes Oxford, Wantage, Didcot, Abingdon, Wallingford, and all the villages in between. Support in other regions may be accommodated – see below.

Birth Doula Package

First and foremost, after you first make contact, I would like to meet with you and your partner, if relevant, for an informal, no obligation meeting. Pregnancy, labour and birth are intimate experiences and I believe that you need people supporting you that you have a connection with and that you are comfortable with. I would encourage you for this reason to speak with a variety of doulas to ensure that you are happy with your support.

After our initial meeting, should you wish me to be your doula, I will:

  • offer at least two antenatal visits
  • be on call for you 24/7 for the two weeks before your expected due date until the baby is born;
  • be with you as soon as you want me to be after labour has started;
  • stay with you until an hour or two after the baby has been born to help you get settled;
  • meet with you again at least once after the baby has been born as an opportunity for such things as discussing your birth experience and offering feeding support;
  • be available to you throughout your pregnancy and for the first two weeks postpartum for support via phone and e-mail.

For this service, I charge a fee of £550.

If you live outside of my area a mileage charge of 45p per mile will apply.  I will also ask that you reimburse me any parking charges and bus/taxi charges (for example, if I accompany you in your car when transferring to hospital during labour and then need to return to my own car), if applicable.  Aside from these, there are no hidden extras; this is all you’ll pay irrespective of the length of your labour.

If you’d like to discuss my birth doula package further, please contact me.

Postnatal Doula Services

At this time, I am not able to offer postnatal doula services. If you are in need of a postnatal doula, please contact me and I am happy to chat with you about other postnatal doulas in your area or have a look on the Find a Doula service.


This is a map of area I cover – click here to view in a larger map.  If you live outside this area, don’t be afraid to still contact me (especially if only just outside).