A new step

This past weekend, I had a challenge for my Canadian brain. A drive on the M25. In the snow. I guess that was where being Canadian came in handy! Wow, that is a busy road and that was on a Saturday! I was on my way to Essex to sit in the company of my mentor. It was a a wonderful afternoon of good food, yummy cake, and amazing company. When I got there, I was a mentored birth doula. When I left, I had become a recognised birth doula! A simple change in words meant acknowledgment of the journey that I have been on in the last couple of years. Everything that I have learned from the women and families that I have supported has gone into shaping the kind of doula that I am. I have learned so much and as with any career, I know there is much more to learn. I won’t have the formal mentoring process as a part of my role anymore, though I am quick to remind myself that I am far from lacking the support of the wonderful doulas sisters around me. I look forward to continuing to serve women as their doula,


And I look forward to not doing that drive again anytime soon.