May Positive Birth Meeting

Hello to everyone! I was so excited to host my first Positive Birth meeting. this past Wednesday evening. It was amazing how quickly the evening passed. And there were two kinds of cake — did I mention the cake? The cake was good. I am looking forward to meeting again in May. Here is where I need to make an announcement. Usually, I plan to meet on the fourth Wednesday of every month at 8pm. This would mean that the next meeting should be on the 22nd of May. HOWEVER, I am at a conference in London on this day and, well, you could come and discuss birth with my husband, but it wouldn’t be quite the experience I planned for meeting! So, for the month of May, we will meet on the fifth Wednesday, that is the 29th of May, still at 8pm, still at my home (contact me for directions).

The topic for this months meeting is ‘Rights in Birth’. As always, discussion is open for any experiences you want to share or any topic that is on your mind.

So, I will see you on Wednesday the 29th of May at 8pm!