July Positive Birth Meeting

Hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying the sunshine and seeing it as a welcome change! This is the first time I have experienced weather like this living in the UK and it is good to finally have reason to stop complaining that this country never has a summer! It was even a really relaxing morning yesterday sitting in the shade watching my son play in the splash park. It was a bit of a shock to climb into the car after, but a quick dash home saw us cool down again.

So, it really is July. And there really is a South Oxfordshire Positive Birth meeting next week! Here is what you need to know:

When: Wednesday July 24th at 8pm

Who: Anyone that is expecting their first, second….. etc babies or for those that are in a role supporting these women

Where : My home in East Challow — send me a message for directions.

Topic: This month’s topic is ‘Risk in Birth’

Here is a little piece of thought on risk from Milli Hill, who created the Positive Birth Movement:

“Every month, the Positive Birth Movement has a ‘discussion topic’, which we explore here and in our ‘real life’ groups. This month the topic will be ‘Risk in Birth’.

We will look at the idea of ‘risk’ from every angle, and of course, this is interactive, so please get in touch with your stories, thoughts, dilemmas and links.

‘Risk’ is a word we hear of a lot in birth. Even a woman with no complications or health concerns whatsoever will be described as ‘Low Risk’.

If you are ‘High Risk’, this may well impact on your choices, and perhaps make it difficult for you to have the birth you really want. You may even feel that your personal freedom is compromised. Or you may be grateful that your level of risk has been so clearly identified, and feel safer as a result.

Decisions facing pregnant women will often be accompanied by the word ‘risk’. For example, if you are over 40, you may be told of an increased risk of stillbirth if you go over 40 weeks. Or you may be wanting to birth at home, but be talked through the ‘risks’ as you contemplate your choice.

Let’s talk about the various scenarios we face that involve the word ‘risk’. How does this make us feel? How does this affect our birth experience? Is it a helpful or unhelpful word, and if so when?”

As always, there is space for any topic that you feel is important to you or anything that you need to discuss.

And more importantly, as always, there is tea, coffee (and cold drinks too if this weather keeps up) and something yummy to eat.

Any questions or comments, do let me know!

Just a final thought — 3 of the mums-to-be that attended our May meeting were due in the month of July. I know of one sweet babes arrival already. Wishing all of you a positive birth experience however that looks for you! I would love to hear your stories!