August Positive Birth Meeting

Well, the end of August is approaching. How did that happen! I am looking forward to enjoying this long weekend, even if the sun is typically hiding away at the moment. I know that a lot of groups take the summer weeks off as people take holidays and have other things to be doing, but I am around so let’s meet this month! Here are the details of this month’s meeting.

Where: my home, near Wantage — send me a message if you need details

When: 8pm until 10ish (but we are a flexible bunch — come and go as you need to)

Who: Those expecting babies, had babies, or supporting those having babies

Topic: Oxytocin! As always, there is space for you to bring whatever is important to you for discussion

Cake: Why, yes, there will be cake!

Cost: Still free!

Hope to see you there.