April Positive Birth Group

Well hello! It is time to start again. Thank you for the patience in having not run the March group. Moving is not fun. Not fun. And I am still not done yet. We moved out a week and a half ago and have since stayed in a caravan, at the in-laws, in a hotel, and now at a friend’s house. That’s a lot of different beds. But we get the keys to the new place tomorrow and having this meeting next week is good incentive for getting rid of boxes. So, without further delay, here are the details!


When: Wednesday April 23rd, 2014 at 8pm


Where: At my NEW house in Wantage! If you have been to the group before, please do not show up to my my old house in East Challow. There won’t be any cake there. Please contact me for directions.


Who: Anyone having a baby, had a baby, supporting someone having a baby


Topic: Am I Allowed?  (As always there is space for any questions or thoughts you want to bring to the evening)


Cost: Free as always, tea and coffee provided, cake is a given (though be forgiving if it isn’t homemade this time — all depends which box gets unpacked…..)


Hope to see you then!